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Are the prices inclusive of VAT?

All the prices are inclusive of VAT.

For what age are the children’s rates meant?

The children’s rate is for children from 3 to 11 years old. Children under 3 years are free to sail along.

Are drinks included in the entrance price?

No, the drinks are excluded. You pay pay the drinks you consumed during the cruise on board with PIN or credit card.

What are the prices of drinks?

The prices of drinks stand on the drinks cards on the table.

How do I pay the tickets?

You can pay the tickets easily and security online with iDeal, credit card or PayPal.

How do I pay the drinks on board?

On board you can pay with PIN or credit card (Visa or Master Card).

Can I pay for the drinks per person if I come with a large group?

Unfortunately it is not possible to pay separately the drinks due to the short time we have for this during the cruise.

How do I make a booking with a discount coupon or pass?

Follow the instructions provided with the discount promotion. If you have not followed these instructions, you will not be able to use the discount. You must hand in or show the discount voucher or pass on board.

How do I make a booking if I have a third-party voucher?

Follow the instructions on the voucher. You must use the unique code at your booking. If you have not redeemed the voucher online, it will unfortunately not be valid with your booking.

Can the discount be settled afterwards?

No, that is not possible.

Is it necessary to take my e-mail confirmation with me to the boat?

No, it’s not necessary. This confirmation is especially for yourself.

I have not received the confirmation of my booking by e-mail. What should I do?

After you have completed the online reservation, you will automatically receive a confirmation by e-mail within a few minutes. For Hotmail accounts it is possible that this e-mail has arrived in the junk mail box for unwanted items or spam. We recommend that you first check this mailbox. If no e-mail from the Pannenkoekenboot has been received in this mailbox, we advise you to contact us by telephone.

Will the boat sail in case of rain, fog, storm or snow?

The Pancake Boat sails in principle anytime. When a cruise will be cancelled because of extreme weather conditions, you will be informed in time.

Can I indicate my preference for a table?

Yes, you can indicate your preference for a table when you make your reservation. We will take this into account as much as possible, but we cannot guarantee that your preference is granted.

Is it possible to make an optional booking?

When you want to make an optional booking, we advise you to contact us by e-mail or by phone.

Is the boat accessible for wheelchairs or with crutches?

Boarding in a wheelchair or with crutches is possible. When you make your reservation, you can indicate the number of wheelchairs. We will book a table on the lower deck for you. On the lower deck is also the pancake buffet. However, the toilets are on the upper deck and only accessible by stairs. There is no elevator or disabled toilet on board.

Are there toilets on board?

Yes, there are toilets on board and these are located on the upper deck. There are two ladies toilets and two men’s toilets.

Is there a baby roam on board?

Yes, we have a baby room on the upper deck.

Is it possible to sit on the outside deck?

Yes, there are tables on the outside deck. These are not reserved, but of course, you can also sit outside with nice weather.

Are all the tables to window side?

Yes, all the tables are to window side.

Are dogs allowed on board?

No, dogs are not allowed on board.

May drinks brought to the boat?

No, bringing and or consume your own drinks is not allowed.

Is the boat child-friendly?

Yes, the boat is child-friendly. For parents it’s always good to know that the crew of the Pancake Boat takes prior concern to the safety of the children. This means we do not have any low safety rails or dangerous openings. Moreover, there is always supervision on board and the crew pays extra attention to the passengers during (dis)embarkation.

What is the maximum number of passengers?

The maximum number of passengers is 130.

Do you have life jackets on board?

Yes, we have life jackets for all passengers on board.

Will the pancakes be served?

No, there is a pancake buffet. You can choose between bacon, apple and naturel pancakes. At our huge decoration buffet you will find a lot of delicious sweet and savoury things to decorate your pancake, with all kinds of colors.

With with garnishes can I decorate my pancakes?

There are a lot of toppings on the buffet: sweet and savor.

Do you have enough choice for vegetarians?

Yes, we have apple and naturel pancakes. There are also enough vegetarian decorations on the buffet.

Are the pancakes and toppings halal?

The meat is not halal. We have plenty options without meat.

Do you have gluten or lactose free pancakes?

Yes, we have special gluten and lactose free batter on board. When you book you can indicate how many people want to use this. Gluten and lactose free pancakes will then be baked in a separate pan. For other dietary requirements you can contact our booking office via e-mail or telephone.

Do you have any other dishes than pancakes?

No, we don’t have other dishes than pancakes.

Is it possible to embark on a different location?

No, it’s not possible to embark on a different location.

Are there bike racks near the boat?

Yes, in the front of the Euromast are several bike racks.

Are there disabled parking spaces near the boat?

Yes, there are two disabled parking spaces at the Parkhaven.