Allergen information

Standard pancake batter

Ons pannenkoekenbeslag bevat koemelkeiwit, lactose, kippenei, gluten, tarwe en zout (< 2%). De ingrediënten van het pannenkoekenbeslag vind je hier. We bakken onze pannenkoeken in 100% plantaardige (vegan) olie.

Special pancake batter

Special fittings are available (upon request) for the following dietary needs and allergies:
- gluten allergy
- chicken egg allergy
- milk allergy/lactose allergy
- soy allergy
- vegan diet

The ingredients of this special pancake batter can be found here. When booking, you can indicate how many people want to use this special batter. The baking of these special pancakes takes extra time and may take longer. We request that you only ask for these special pancakes in case of allergies or important dietary requirements. If these special pancakes are not consumed, we are forced to charge a wastage fee of €2.00 per pancake. Please note that there are always traces of gluten, milk and egg in our kitchen. 

Other allergies 

Do you have a different allergy or diet? You can bring your own special batter (ready-made) to the boat, so the cooks can use it to make pancakes. If you bring your own special batter to the boat, please let us know in advance. You can let us know by phone or e-mail.

Do you have a question?

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