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For Children

Whether you prefer a short one hour trip or a larger tour while enjoying your pancakes… children are always welcome on board of the Pancake Boat!

Safety first!
For parents it’s always good to know that the crew of the Pancake Boat takes prior concern to the safety of the children. This means we do not have any low safety rails or dangerous openings. Moreover, there is always supervision on board and the crew pays extra attention to the passengers during (dis)embarkation.

Let’s decorate
At our huge decoration buffet you will find a lot of delicious sweet and savoury things to decorate your pancake, with all kinds of colours. If you have not yet decided what you are going to create on your pancake, you can also start with a colouring picture or draw a picture of your own pancake.

Playroom with balls
Especially for our younger guests, we have a large playroom filled with coloured balls in the hold of our boats. In all as many as 20.000 balls! You can let your children amuse themselves while eating another pancake and enjoying the view.

Childrens’s Party
We have a special arrangement for children’s party’s! This arrangement is possible every Wednesday and Friday during a 75 Minute Cruise. The party includes the 75 Minute Cruise, all-you-can-eat pancakes, ice cream, lemonade, painting, decorated table, children’s free ticket and a gift for the birthday boy or girl.┬áIn other words, the children will not be bored for a second.